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About This Game Aim Lab is still very very early in development (about 35% complete), and as such, lack of polish, and game-breaking bugs are to be expected. Support for languages other than English is incomplete. Please do not download if you are looking for a finished version, and instead add Aim Lab to your wishlist, join us on Discord, and follow along with the devlog updates!“The best aim trainer on the market easily highly recommend this.” - Mr Bombastic (Steam Review)“Best aim trainer I have tried so far, can definitely feel myself improving after even the first handful of games and the data and visualizations are super helpful.” - Toast (Steam Review)“Very usefull, simple to configure, well done !” - Riton de Lyon (Steam Review)“If you have a program like this it will save you hundreds of hours” - Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson, 10 time Counter Strike world champion. (Motherboard article: “These Neuroscientists Think They Can Get You More Headshots”)“What a fascinating mesh of technologies this brings to the scene. If enough players embrace Aim Lab, Statespace could really shake up the esports scouting dynamic.” - Jay Masaad, Esports Insider (Esports Insider article: “Statespace Brings Neuroscience to Esports”)DETAILED FEEDBACK AND STATS We identify your weaknesses and then help you eliminate them. Each training task has its own unique analytics focused on a particular area, while your data profile allows you to measure and track performance improvements over time.EASY TO SET UP AND MAP GAME SETTINGS Pick your language, pick the game settings you want to use, check your graphics settings and that’s it! We currently support game setting conversion from: Apex LegendsBattalion 1944CS:GOCall of Duty: Black Ops 4FortniteOverwatchPUBGPaladinsQuakeRainbow 6 SiegeReflex ArenaRealm RoyaleRing of ElysiumTeam Fortress 2WarfaceGO BEYOND AIM TRAINING The fundamental skills necessary to be a great FPS player go beyond just aiming, and Aim Lab tests and trains those skills as well: visual detection speed, attention capacity, short term memory, audio-spatial skills, and decision-making.CUSTOMIZE (ALMOST) EVERYTHING Create and customize your crosshair settings, target colors, and even tasks! Steam Workshop integration coming soon, along with customizable weapons and even maps!LOTS OF WEAPONS Pistols? Got ‘em. Shotguns? Got ‘em. Assault Rifles? Sniper Rifles? Rocket Launchers? Yes, yes, and yes. Hitscan weapons, projectile weapons, and even orbs that shoot from your hands. 1075eedd30 Title: Aim LabGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Simulation, Early AccessDeveloper:StatespacePublisher:StatespaceRelease Date: 7 Feb, 2018 Aim Lab Crack 64 Bit aim lab hack. aim lab technologies. aim lab report example. aim lab mac. aim lab master. aim lab slow hand. aim lab wpi. aim lab descargar. aim lab fov. aim lab destiny 2. aim lab fortnite. aim laboratories. aim lab mobile. aim 30 lab graphing the greenhouse effect. aim lab columbia il. aim lab for apex. aesthetic aim dental lab. aim lab xbox controller. aim lab brisbane. aim dental lab brooklyn ny. does aim lab work. aim lab vs kovaak's. aim lab apk I have worked this into my daily aim training routine, and this has helped me a crazy amount. The devs are non-stop updating and improving this game, as well as feeding the user information on what they need the most work on. I couldn't recommend this aim trainer enough.


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